Bleeding edge technology: combining LiveRamp and Bombora to reach any B2B audience with Pieter De Temmerman [Inside Intent podcast]

Their relationship goes way the days of high school soccer. By some serendipitous small-world run-in, Mike Burton and Pieter De Temmerman crossed paths in the early days of Bombora. Today, they’re discussing the most recent developments on the LiveRamp and Bombora front: targeting audiences by Intent topic cluster and reaching small businesses in a way that’s never before been offered in the B2B market.

Guest bio:

For more than fifteen years Pieter De Temmerman has created data solutions at companies including Amazon, BlueKai, Oracle, Pacific Data Partners, and TrackSimple. Currently, Pieter heads LiveRamp's B2B business unit to help address the data needs of B2B enterprises. LiveRamp B2B provides B2B companies with global solutions in marketing, analytics, and measurement. Prior to LiveRamp B2B, Pieter was founder and CEO of Pacific Data Partners, a global data marketplace focused on B2B data for use in marketing, sales, and analytics.

Episode breakdown:

  • Pieter’s accidental stumble upon the Ad Tech industry
  • Selling his business to BlueKai and then eventually becoming a part of Oracle
  • Creating the entity of Oracle that is known as Oracle Data Cloud today
  • The Bizo - LinkedIn acquisition that drove change in the B2B data solutions market
  • Starting Pacific Data Partners to begin building data solutions for B2B marketers
  • Selling to LiveRamp in early 2018 and upstarting the LiveRamp B2B business unit
  • Helping sophisticated B2B teams align sales and marketing, and kickstarting that process with data onboarding
  • LiveRamp’s onboarding solution that maps CRM based data directly to digital profiles that can then be pushed out to various channels for targeting
  • Working Intent data into LiveRamp’s ABM and onboarding solutions
  • Enabling B2B marketers to focus more time on the campaign itself, rather than audience building
  • Refreshing Liveramp’s audience to match up with Bombora’s Intent data, to ensure that the most current set of in-market accounts is available
  • How to drive efficiency with Intent data and audiences, with a limited ad spend budget
  • An easy way to get started with Intent data: Using the most commonly searched topics at a higher, categorical level, to help people that sell into specific product categories
  • Targeting small to midsize businesses (SMBs) - 1) locating SMBs and 2) knowing which ones are the right accounts to target 
  • Using data science to understand the behavior of an IP address and whether it is behaving like a small business
  • Examples of success with targeting SMBs for major telecom companies
  • Remaining privacy-centric in the data space and using ethically sourced data

Connect with Pieter:

Twitter: @detemp
Linkedin: Pieter De Temmerman

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