Implementing Intent data for enterprise-level businesses

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There are endless ways of using Intent data to help inform business decisions, but getting buy-in from large teams can be difficult. Coordinating revenue-driving and operations teams can benefit budget resources and productivity, however. Enterprise-level team leaders have used the below Intent data activations to gain internal adoption and make a case for gradual widespread use within their businesses to drive efficiency.

The growing adoption of Intent data amongst businesses of all sizes has proven that it has both staying power and the ability to contribute to a business’ scale. For example, RelayHealth is a major operation: it’s number 6 on the Fortune 100, and manages over 20 billion health insurance transactions per year. It was not a small task when Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at RelayHealth, Omar Al-Sinjari, began working to improve and scale their Account Based Marketing (ABM). But he did what any successful Intent data champion does; he started small and grew gradually. As a result, their total pipeline increased by 71% year-over-year.

The three use cases below are examples of activities where Intent data can be introduced to large teams with little startup barriers. By combining existing first-party data with Intent data in these scenarios, close rates and internal advocacy will begin to grow over time. 

  • Prioritize sales representative prospecting and outreach: Sales representatives will select topics that are relevant to the products they sell, and can narrow down Intent data filters by a geographic region, if applicable. Additionally, they can set a Company Surge® Score threshold, which allows salespeople to see only the target accounts that are showing strong and increased recent interest in those selected topics.
    • Based on the Company Surge® results, the report will identify the target accounts that are interested in the specified topic(s), in the specified area.
    • Sales representatives can customize talk tracks to accommodate what their prospects are researching.
  • Provide Account Based Marketing fuel: Sales knows which accounts are most important to them based on Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) fit, and Intent data can supplement that with net-new businesses that may serve as qualified prospects. Marketing has the opportunity to pass on a continuous flow of warm leads that will help sales grow their account lists.
    • After new businesses that are in the market and researching specific products or topics are identified, they can be targeted through ABM campaigns. 
    • Using certain platforms such as Terminus, can enable the integration with Bombora Company Surge® to make the process more seamless.
  • Validate ABM efficacy with web analytics: Before, during, and after an ABM campaign, Visitor Insights allows you to review website analytics to see how many people from a certain business or target account are visiting your website, and what pages they’ve viewed. The insights are visible directly through an integration with Google Analytics, and help to validate that ABM campaigns are effectively driving interest throughout their entire run time.

What to expect before getting started

Intent data is not all created the same, and there are plenty of providers out there. It’s important to identify general goals and areas that need improvement before getting started with Intent data. Doing research on various providers and identifying what the differences could mean for your business is important to have a full understanding before making business changes. On this webinar, we joined other Intent data providers that often work as a supplemental or complementary service to Bombora’s. To help you choose the right vendor, use this evaluation guide which includes the important qualities of Intent data and questions to ask any provider before getting started. 

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