Redefining Customer Data Platforms with Abhi Yadav [Inside Intent podcast]

What started as once a lab project at MIT has evolved into a self-learning B2B Customer Data Platform that services Googles, Ciscos, and Palo Alto Networks of the world. Co-founder and CEO of Zylotech, Abhi Yadav chats with Mike Burton on this episode of the Inside Intent podcast to discuss “Customer Data Platforms 2.0” and how the added capabilities of Intent data and AI are recognizing non-obvious patterns in customer data. It’s bringing a new meaning to customer-centric marketing, and allowing businesses to manage and retain customers under one platform’s roof.

Guest Bio:

Abhi Yadav is CEO and Co-Founder of Zylotech, a self-learning customer analytics and data platform that he co-founded and spun out of MIT. Renowned customer analytics and data technologist, as well as industry entrepreneur, Abhi Co-Founded Prognosys e-Services and N-CARE.

He has also served in management positions at VER and GE Capital. Abhi earned his Master of Business Administration from MIT. Abhi is a Forbes Technology Council member and an Advisory Board Member to the MIT Global Startup Labs.

Episode breakdown:

  • Abhi Yadav, the CEO of Zylotech, give a background on Customer Data Platforms and his 18-year history in the B2B data and AI startup world
  • Zylotech started as a spin out of a lab project at MIT in 2014; he set out to evaluate the lead funnel and scaling it into a more customer-centric framework
  • Discussing the process of the industry naming, ‘Customer Data Platform’ 
  • With emerging tech, the industry struggles to find what exactly certain terms or categories mean, and identifying the differences across regional definitions
  • What does “CDP” actually mean? 
  • The DRIVER framework, and how Zylotech identifies relevant data to build customer-centric programs
  • How self-service and automation come into play to help marketers with data analytics
  • How AI enhances a traditional data analytics-backed and AB tested campaign, through non-obvious pattern recognition
  • How to take action from AI-driven pattern recognition
  • The difference between internal data lakes and a CDP platform like Zylotech
  • Data health monitoring, which gives a live update on the quality and hygiene of your data
  • The 3 C’s of contacts: completeness, consistency, and coverage 
  • The buzz around identity resolution is high, but how does it actually help?
  • Use cases for inside sales, revenue operations, revenue marketing

Connect with Abhi:

Twitter: @abhishekyd
LinkedIn: Abhi Yadav

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