Less is more: rethinking marketing and sales strategies with Erik Matlick [Inside Intent podcast]

The premiere episode of Inside Intent covers the history of Bombora’s data asset and how it came to be known as the B2B Data Co-op and Company Surge®. Hear it all straight from guest and Bombora’s CEO and founder, Erik Matlick, as well as Inside Intent host and Bombora co-founder, Mike Burton. They cover it all: from building a propensity model for B2B research, to avoiding the oversaturated B2C market.

Guest bio:

Erik Matlick guides the vision and corporate strategy at Bombora, bringing over 15 years in founding, board and executive management experience. An online performance marketing pioneer, Erik’s insights about the confluence of data analytics, media operations, ad serving technology, and sales and marketing processes are the driving force behind Bombora’s unique value proposition.

Episode breakdown:

  • Erik’s background in building B2B startups (Bombora is his fourth!) and how he initially got the idea for Bombora
  • Why success comes from an iterative journey
  • The challenges that helped Erik realize the need for a data asset like Bombora’s
  • Being the first in an industry to propose and create a cooperative data asset
  • Spinning out Bombora from a previous business
  • Addressing the risks and adversity to data sharing
  • How Bombora and Intent data filled the massive void in B2B data
  • Discovering initial data use cases for marketers from the early stages to the current day
  • The strategy behind becoming a data-only business, as opposed to a platform provider
  • How Intent data is benefitting businesses today
  • The current state and future predictions of Intent data and Account-Based Marketing

Connect with Erik:

Twitter: @ematlick
Linkedin: Erik Matlick

Learn how your business can use Intent data with our ‘Guide to using B2B Intent data’. It illustrates ten ways to best use Intent data for sales, marketing and agencies.

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